Sunday, September 25, 2011

Red Sox Collapse

Well it has been a while sorry for the delay again.. The American League wild-card race is tightening up as no one would have ever guessed. Once a shoe in for the playoffs in early September the Boston Red Sox have seen a divisional lead go to waste as the Yankees sped right on by the BoSox, Now are trying to back into the playoffs. With a 9 game lead in the Wildcard to start the month the Red Sox have seen that more then enough type of lead less then comfy now that they only have won five games this month. The Tampa Bay Rays are knocking on their doorsteps with one more game tonight and three more to follow in Baltimore in the last three days of the season this race could be as good as tied by the end of the night. Boston lost earlier in the day to the Surging Yankees 6-2, and also lost yesterdays matinee game 9-1. To decrease the Wildcard lead over Tampa Bay to just 1/2 a game. 
The Boston Red Sox have played with pressure before but this pressure is different. This pressure is playing teams that want to play you for what you are worth. This pressure you cant cut with a knife. The only way to beat this pressure is to WIN ballgames. It is easier said then done of course, but one has to wonder if this team, this Red Sox team who signed just about everyone under the sun in the off-season is ready to step up and win or if they are just flawed. 
At one point this year the Red Sox this year seemed to "Own" the Yankees now are 11-6 against them. However, the games earlier in the season won't matter if they can't close the deal these last three games, and now the Yankees are paying them back. Earlier in the Month the Yankees took 2 of 3 at Fenway. This might have been the turning point in the season for them one could say. Another would be its not how you start but how you finish.

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