Sunday, September 25, 2011

Red Sox Collapse

Well it has been a while sorry for the delay again.. The American League wild-card race is tightening up as no one would have ever guessed. Once a shoe in for the playoffs in early September the Boston Red Sox have seen a divisional lead go to waste as the Yankees sped right on by the BoSox, Now are trying to back into the playoffs. With a 9 game lead in the Wildcard to start the month the Red Sox have seen that more then enough type of lead less then comfy now that they only have won five games this month. The Tampa Bay Rays are knocking on their doorsteps with one more game tonight and three more to follow in Baltimore in the last three days of the season this race could be as good as tied by the end of the night. Boston lost earlier in the day to the Surging Yankees 6-2, and also lost yesterdays matinee game 9-1. To decrease the Wildcard lead over Tampa Bay to just 1/2 a game. 
The Boston Red Sox have played with pressure before but this pressure is different. This pressure is playing teams that want to play you for what you are worth. This pressure you cant cut with a knife. The only way to beat this pressure is to WIN ballgames. It is easier said then done of course, but one has to wonder if this team, this Red Sox team who signed just about everyone under the sun in the off-season is ready to step up and win or if they are just flawed. 
At one point this year the Red Sox this year seemed to "Own" the Yankees now are 11-6 against them. However, the games earlier in the season won't matter if they can't close the deal these last three games, and now the Yankees are paying them back. Earlier in the Month the Yankees took 2 of 3 at Fenway. This might have been the turning point in the season for them one could say. Another would be its not how you start but how you finish.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Mariano Rivera has set a new milestone and Major League Baseball record today vs. the Minnesota Twins Rivera has set the record for saves at 602 in his illustrious career as a New York Yankee. An amazing feat surpassing the great Padre relief pitcher Trevor Hoffman. Rivera came into this afternoons matinee game setting the twins aside in the ninth. The first batter Trevor Plouffe grounded out, then Rivera had got Michael Cuddyer to fly out to right fielder Chris Dickerson, the last batter that would face Rivera would be Chris Parmalee who would promptly strike out. Rivera was very humble about his achievement as he always has been. Thanking the whole Yankees organization and his family, as well as us the fans for being there for the amazing ride, and what a wonderful ride it has been The Minnesota Twins organization should be proud as well and how classy they are in staying and cheering for Rivera simply a class act on their part, that is why this is such a great game.Thank You #42 the BEST closer in the game bar none!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

National League Cy Young

Well sorry about the delay but weekends are a tough time to write so lets get into it people.. I will write about my Nominees for NL Cy Young Candidates and where they stack up amongst each other, stats, and how I feel they will end in the voting. Lets.go..

Roy Halladay- I mean what is there to say about this perennial ace of the NL east he has often showed why he is worth the big bucks. A steal when the Phillies got him a few years ago from the Blue jays. People thought he would suffer pitching in a hitters park in Citizens Bank Park has been anything but troublesome for this guy. Halladay has shown again that age hasn't quite caught up with him just yet his record is (18-5) with a 2.34 ERA and an amazing 8 complete games and a shutout to boot, he has 211 K's in 219.2 innings pitched. Halladay in that hitters park we spoke of earlier has only let up 28 runs 27 of which where earned and let up just 33 runs on the road 30 earned for a combined 61 runs so far.

Clayton Kershaw- This guy has been nothing short of spectacular pitching for the Dodgers this year a team in which isn't going anywhere but has kept them relevant when he starts and worthwhile to check out when he pitches. Kershaw has gone (19-5) one more then fellow pitcher Halladay. He never disappoints the home crowd either going a flawless (11-1) at home he has been money for them. On the road his record is (8-4). Kershaw has thrown 218.2 innings thus far and fanned 236 batters. He will definitely make things interesting for voters this year.

Cliff Lee- Another Philadelphia Phillies pitcher who has proven that age isn't a problem nor is the ballpark his welcome back party this off season made it worth while and he has shown the Philles and their fans what they have been missing. Lee is having a great year as his record of (16-7) show. He will get tons of support thrown his way in the voting with an amazing six shutouts all of which he went the distance. Lee's ERA is a sparkling 2.38 in 219.2 innings pitched. Amazingly similar to that of fellow mate Roy Halladay

Ian Kennedy- I had to put Kennedy in for the amazing season he is having. Kennedy and the Arizona Diamondbacks offense have lifted the team to a great shot at winning the NL West. Kennedy has a record of (19-9) and a ERA of 2.99. The teams ace, he has thrown 208.0 innings while striking out 182 batters.

The order I feel these spectacular pitchers will end up in the balloting goes as follows
Roy Halladay (Winner)
Cliff Lee
Clayton Kershaw
Ian Kennedy

I am sure the Phillies fans will be happy at these results if they where to pan out but with such a strong four pitchers this vote could go either way.. Stay tuned.

**Stats courtesy of ESPN.COM**

Friday, September 16, 2011

American League CY Young

Well as it always seems there is a three way race for the most prestigious pitching award out there and the nominees are; Jered Weaver of the Los Angelas Angels of Anaheim, Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers,
and lastly C.C Sabathia of the New York Yankees.

Jered Weaver has had a very strong season for the Angels this season continuing to be their ace he started off the season guns a blazing going (6-0) to start the season then lost the following four games. But after that blip in the road has since dominated again for an overall season record of (17-7) with an ERA of 2.40 which is the best in his career so far he has thrown 222.1 innings and has fanned 188 batters.

Justin Verlander by far the best season of his career finished a little slow going (2-3) to open the month of April but as the weather got hotter so did Verlander. He has had batters baffled all season long. Verlander has a dominating record of (23-5) and has been nearly perfect after the slow start only losing two other games. Verlander has an impressive ERA of 2.36 by far his best year in the bigs and also has a baffling 238 strikeouts in 236 innings pitched. Verlander stats dont end there though, he has four complete games two of which came by shutouts.

C.C Sabathia has been very consistant as the Yankees Ace his record proves the fact. Sabathia has gone (19-9) as respectable as they come in the game. C.C has had his fair share of troubles the thing that saves him is pitching in the AL East which by far is the best division in the American league. C.C has fanned 224 batters this season, he also has three complete games as well as one shutout. Sabathia finished third last year in the Cy Young Balloting.

My predictions for where i see these three phenomenal pitchers finishing in the Cy Young Votes goes;
Justin Verlander (1st)
Jered Weaver
C.C Sabathia

An amazing season for each again and it will be interesting to see what the voters have to say on this. I didn't think that Felix Hernandez was gonna win last year so I might be wrong again, stay tuned..

Thursday, September 15, 2011

David Robertson

The Yankees bullpen seemed to have taken a hit with the loss of both lefty specialist Pedro Feliciano who signed with the Yankees as a free agent but opted for arm surgery to put an end to his season. Then the Yankees lost Joba Chamberlain shortly thereafter. Just as hope for the bullpen seemed lost in came the Yankees farm hand relief pitcher David Robertson. He impressed the Yankees as a setup man last year and got his first call up to the majors in 2008. Robertson through his four years in the Majors has been nothing short of brilliant. He continues to shine. He has been the 8th inning bridge to Mariano Rivera this year and has been spectacular in practically every situation he has been put into when called upon. Robertson is
(3-0) with a sparkling 1.16 ERA in 65 games this year by far the best in his big league career so far. Last year Robertson went (4-5) with an ERA of 3.82 in 64 games. So saying he has improved is an understatement he has surpassed many expectations this year. Robertson was voted into his first All-Star game this year as well. Known to many Yankees fans as "Houdini" since he seems to never show his nerves on the mound. Not only does Robertson get out of many tough situations he does so with strikeouts (95) so far this year. Robertson is a very charitable man as well. Both him and his wife set up a charity in his hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama called "High Socks for Hope" in which he will donate $100 dollars for every strikeout through the year that he gets. Words cant express how much of a team player Robertson is to the Yankees but an overall amazing person in general.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mariano Rivera

Mariano Rivera has reached a milestone for the Yankees he recorded his 600th career save for the Yankees  last night (9/13/11) against the Seattle Mariners. Rivera a staple in the Yankees bullpen since 1995 when he began his career as the Yankees setup man. Rivera started closing out games towards the end of the '96 season When John Wetteland retired after that year. Rivera has compiled 600 saves in 16 years and has a career lifetime era of 2.22 which is unheard of. Rivera is one more save shy of Trevor Hoffmans MLB record of 601 saves with just over 14 games left he is sure to surpass the Padre great before seasons end. Mariano truly has cemented himself as a first ballot hall of famer and Yankees fans couldn't be more proud of Mariano "Sandman" Rivera!

Baltimore Orioles

The Baltimore Orioles are in the midst of their seasonal "spoiler" role albeit not particularly having that much success this year, going into the Yankees series a few weeks ago (8/26/11) the Orioles split the 4 game set 2-2 in an awkward series due to a rain out they had to makeup from earlier in the season the Orioles had to travel back to Baltimore after winning Wednesday's game 5-4 in extra innings they had to play the Yankees the next day. The Orioles would then beat the Yankees in extras again by the same score of 5-4. The irony of it all was that the Orioles pitching staff would go on and pitch 7 shutout innings against the Yankees who only had 6 hits in the game. Clay Rapada (1-0) took the win in the 10th inning the losing pitcher was Scott Proctor for the Yankees who saw his record fall to (2-4). The Orioles have 14 more games remaining on their schedule all of which are contending for a spot in the playoffs. They can make life miserable for these teams. We will see if they can keep the role of "spoiler" going or if they fizzle out to end another last place finish in the AL East.