Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spring training countdown

As the months start getting warmer, and the days longer. The sounds of baseballs meeting gloves and bats are echoing in our collective minds. We have about a month to go before spring training games get underway. As players start to unthaw from the long winter, there is little doubt that Florida, and Arizona will be the place to be next month. Truck day for many clubs at this time are already getting ready to move out to their exact destinations, and another season will ensue. The things that I love most about spring training is seeing rookies and minor leaguers in the games. These players are vying for a roster spot amongst the regulars, another reason why spring training is so great is because you know there is only a month before the regular season it just gets you amped. 

No other sport can duplicate baseball I feel, partly because there is always a game in and sometimes more then just one of interest. When your team isn't playing you can keep track of your divisional foes and other favorite players. Did I mention fantasy baseball and its addictiveness? For those of you who play you all know what I mean. Fantasy baseball is great for the fan who loves to set a lineup everyday from a pool of players they draft before the season and it continues throughout the baseball year. 

So kick back and enjoy the spring training games. Watch your team closely, and the minor league players as well, because this way you will have an idea of what they could bring to the table later in the year when rosters expand. But best of all just enjoy and know that the crack of the bat and homerun calls are a few months away. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Gio's Back!!!!

Sorry about long delay its been a while, actually almost four months to be exact. I have had a long offseason, but i am finally back and better then ever. Been spending some time with my G/F and the holidays as well as work took the majority of my time away from the "Blogosphere". I hope that you all have had a great off-season as much as I have! So lets have some fun now, shall we?