Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yankees Playoffs

Well it was one and done literally for the Yankees this post season. After an amazing season of ups and downs, the Yankees let many fans depressed in the end. The Yankees in the first round of the 2011 playoffs where pitted against the Detroit Tigers. After a rain shortened 1 1/2 inning opener the Yankees then won the rest of the game pitched by Ivan Nova. Cano went OFF in that game collecting 5 rbi's and a grand slam. this game might just have been the best the Yankees looked in the playoffs. The Yankees would lose the next two games. A must win pitched by AJ Burnett in game 4 was won by the Yankees and by far AJ Burnett lived up to the pressure another good thing to see from him going into next year the last in his contract for the Yankees. Overall the Yankees ended up losing the series 3 games to 2. 
The storyline of the playoffs where the non-existent bats in the middle of the order from Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixiera, and Nick Swisher. Both suffered greatly with runners in scoring position throughout the playoffs. Credit the Tigers for figuring out a way to pitch around Cano the rest of the playoffs limiting Cano to just 1 more homer which came in game 5. The Yankees have to think long and hard about what they want to do to the 2012 team Swisher has an option for $10 million dollars. I feel they will definitely pick this up. One other name of note who can opt out is CC Sabathia. Who laid off his Captain Crunch diet one might have never guessed it the way he pitched his last two months of the season. I also believe the Yankees will pick up his option due to the fact that their is no front-line starters on the Yankees outside of him. 
Overall I saw the season as average although not that bad though since we where only predicted to win the wildcard amongst many experts predictions. I feel is wasn't as bad as what the Red Sox went through. I would rather lose in the playoffs in 5 games then to not have made them and suffer the worst collapse in baseball history like that of the dreaded Red Sox