Sunday, September 18, 2011

National League Cy Young

Well sorry about the delay but weekends are a tough time to write so lets get into it people.. I will write about my Nominees for NL Cy Young Candidates and where they stack up amongst each other, stats, and how I feel they will end in the voting. Lets.go..

Roy Halladay- I mean what is there to say about this perennial ace of the NL east he has often showed why he is worth the big bucks. A steal when the Phillies got him a few years ago from the Blue jays. People thought he would suffer pitching in a hitters park in Citizens Bank Park has been anything but troublesome for this guy. Halladay has shown again that age hasn't quite caught up with him just yet his record is (18-5) with a 2.34 ERA and an amazing 8 complete games and a shutout to boot, he has 211 K's in 219.2 innings pitched. Halladay in that hitters park we spoke of earlier has only let up 28 runs 27 of which where earned and let up just 33 runs on the road 30 earned for a combined 61 runs so far.

Clayton Kershaw- This guy has been nothing short of spectacular pitching for the Dodgers this year a team in which isn't going anywhere but has kept them relevant when he starts and worthwhile to check out when he pitches. Kershaw has gone (19-5) one more then fellow pitcher Halladay. He never disappoints the home crowd either going a flawless (11-1) at home he has been money for them. On the road his record is (8-4). Kershaw has thrown 218.2 innings thus far and fanned 236 batters. He will definitely make things interesting for voters this year.

Cliff Lee- Another Philadelphia Phillies pitcher who has proven that age isn't a problem nor is the ballpark his welcome back party this off season made it worth while and he has shown the Philles and their fans what they have been missing. Lee is having a great year as his record of (16-7) show. He will get tons of support thrown his way in the voting with an amazing six shutouts all of which he went the distance. Lee's ERA is a sparkling 2.38 in 219.2 innings pitched. Amazingly similar to that of fellow mate Roy Halladay

Ian Kennedy- I had to put Kennedy in for the amazing season he is having. Kennedy and the Arizona Diamondbacks offense have lifted the team to a great shot at winning the NL West. Kennedy has a record of (19-9) and a ERA of 2.99. The teams ace, he has thrown 208.0 innings while striking out 182 batters.

The order I feel these spectacular pitchers will end up in the balloting goes as follows
Roy Halladay (Winner)
Cliff Lee
Clayton Kershaw
Ian Kennedy

I am sure the Phillies fans will be happy at these results if they where to pan out but with such a strong four pitchers this vote could go either way.. Stay tuned.

**Stats courtesy of ESPN.COM**


  1. Great analysis. I think Kershaw seals the deal if he gets his 21st win today.

  2. I think you are right bro and thanks for the feedback bro i am following ur awesome blog too thanks for checking in sorry for the delay in writing back been a long weekend :) i look forward to more blogs from you thanks again and i hope that Kershaw gets the Cy Young