Thursday, September 15, 2011

David Robertson

The Yankees bullpen seemed to have taken a hit with the loss of both lefty specialist Pedro Feliciano who signed with the Yankees as a free agent but opted for arm surgery to put an end to his season. Then the Yankees lost Joba Chamberlain shortly thereafter. Just as hope for the bullpen seemed lost in came the Yankees farm hand relief pitcher David Robertson. He impressed the Yankees as a setup man last year and got his first call up to the majors in 2008. Robertson through his four years in the Majors has been nothing short of brilliant. He continues to shine. He has been the 8th inning bridge to Mariano Rivera this year and has been spectacular in practically every situation he has been put into when called upon. Robertson is
(3-0) with a sparkling 1.16 ERA in 65 games this year by far the best in his big league career so far. Last year Robertson went (4-5) with an ERA of 3.82 in 64 games. So saying he has improved is an understatement he has surpassed many expectations this year. Robertson was voted into his first All-Star game this year as well. Known to many Yankees fans as "Houdini" since he seems to never show his nerves on the mound. Not only does Robertson get out of many tough situations he does so with strikeouts (95) so far this year. Robertson is a very charitable man as well. Both him and his wife set up a charity in his hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama called "High Socks for Hope" in which he will donate $100 dollars for every strikeout through the year that he gets. Words cant express how much of a team player Robertson is to the Yankees but an overall amazing person in general.

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